In the recent weeks the audio for what is apparently Beyonce’s new single “Grown Woman” has been making it’s cycle through the internet. Now I have a thing with music, I normally listen to a song for about 1:30 or up until mid second verse and if I’m not feeling the song i’ll leave it and go onto the next, that’s just how I do things. Now i’ve never been a fan of Beyonce, i’ve always thought she’s been overhyped and overexposed and given this crown when really her music hasn’t changed much since the beginning of her career, so when I listened to the track, I gave it the 1:30 check and well I skipped.

It’s a fun song all about woman empowerment which i’m all here for, I mean I grew up with The Spice Girls and now as a teen – adult Lady Gaga who’s always preaching self empowerment for all. The song has some very tribal beats to it, and I don’t know if the crowd screaming heard throughout the song is meant to be there or if it’ll be removed when the official studio goes live but I find it very distracting on the track. About half way through the track (which is of a total 5:21) there’s a random african chant happening which is when followed by a instrumental break with Beyonce saying “mm hmm” and “grown woman I’ll do whatever I want” which kind of feels like it’s not really needed on the track and is just there for live performances as a dance break.

I’m sure we all have differing opinions on Beyonce, but here’s mine. As a performer Beyonce may sing about being a Grown Woman now but as you look back through her career she really has not progressed that much or evolved as an artist as much as we normally see, she’s pretty much sticking to what’s tried and tested to be sellable to her demographic and Grown Woman it seems only gets hype because it’s Beyonce not because it’s some revolutionary track, but oh well, to each their own.

Listen to Grown Woman below. 

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